After a surge of innovation in 2020 as Covid-19 created new needs and accelerated take-up of digital channels, the past year saw only a modest pushing of the fintech envelope. Bank spending on tech grew slowly in 2021; Forrester, a technology consultancy, now expects it to see double-digit growth in 2022.


Banco do Brasil developed Mappiá, the first satellite crop-monitoring solution using artificial intelligence (AI). Brazil is one of the world’s largest grain producers and a global leader in the production and export of soy, with agriculture accounting for about 20% of the country’s GDP.


To help customers solve their most pressing challenges, Bank of America’s innovations spanned multiple products and processes with regards to mobile banking, payments, cash management and trade finance

DBS Bank worked to transform how banks operate and markets function in Asia. The bank’s products provide commercial and retail customers with more-seamless processes.


Santander developed innovations advancing the agriculture sector. The bank has teamed with Agro token, a multichip infrastructure built on Ethereum, Algorand and Polygon networks, to provide loans to farmers.